Stainless-steel bracelets

Diverse stainless-steel bracelets for women

Whether bracelets or bangles – the unique selection of bracelets from COEUR DE LION is huge and hardly leaves anything to be desired. Fortunately, you don’t have to choose just one design. A real eye-catcher: combine a stainless-steel bracelet with other bracelets. A skilful mix of different materials and shapes is particularly stylish: for example, a multistranded stainless-steel bracelet with radiant pearls goes wonderfully with one of our classic bracelets from our iconic GeoCUBE® collection. A harmonious look is also created when wearing a stainless-steel necklace from COEUR DE LION with a bracelet for women. Depending on the personality of the wearer, a special mix can be put together.

Unique craftsmanship: a stainless-steel bracelet from COEUR DE LION

Every single precious-stone bracelet from COEUR DE LION is carefully handcrafted in Stuttgart – from the initial design to the finished piece of jewellery. ‘Made in Germany’ is close to our hearts – and this is how we inspire customers all over the world.

Our designs have a high recognition value. You can recognise the authenticity of your piece of jewellery from COEUR DE LION by the stainless-steel quality seal, among other things. Rigorous quality checks in our jewellery workshop are thus guaranteed. Our stainless-steel bracelets should accompany you for a lifetime. That is why we take great care in the elaborate manufacturing process and only use selected materials such as colourful natural stones or freshwater pearls. This attention to detail makes the COEUR DE LION collections something very special.

Give joy as a gift: a stainless-steel bracelet as a present

For a birthday, anniversary, Christmas or birth – the occasions on which you can give our stainless-steel jewellery as a gift are as varied as the expressive creations from COEUR DE LION. Whether classic – and inspired by the Bauhaus art movement – like our bracelets from the GeoCUBE® line, delicate like our stainless-steel bracelets with rhinestones or modern like our bracelets with leather: a bracelet is always a wonderful gift with style that provides joy.

Our bracelets with natural stones have a special symbolic power: each natural stone is said to have its own meaning. Green aventurine, for example, stands for relaxation and regeneration. Tiger’s eye gives courage and symbolises protection, while rose quartz embodies love and femininity. Whichever precious-stone bracelet you choose, the recipient of your gift is guaranteed to enjoy the jewellery you have chosen from COEUR DE LION for a long time.


Would you like more information about our precious-stone bracelets? Below you will find answers to important questions about the quality of stainless-steel bracelets and how to clean them:

How stable and robust are stainless-steel bracelets?

The basis of our bracelets is made of high-quality 316L stainless steel. What distinguishes this material: it is robust and resistant to dirt, very easy to care for and kind to the skin. The bracelets have a particularly warm effect with a finish in gold or rose gold. Each of our bracelets has a stainless-steel quality seal guaranteeing that its quality has been tested by our studio. You will also find a certificate of authenticity in every jewellery box.

What is the best way to clean stainless steel?

To clean a stainless-steel bracelet from COEUR DE LION, it is best to use a dry and lint-free microfibre cloth if necessary. This will prevent residues of sweat, cream or perfume from attacking the high-quality material. Please do not clean the bracelets with alcohol-based agents. Cleaning in an ultrasonic device or silver bath should also be avoided at all costs. 

Can you shower with the stainless-steel bracelet?

To ensure that you enjoy a stainless-steel bracelet from COEUR DE LION for a lifetime, you should avoid direct and intensive contact of the jewellery item with water. We therefore recommend that you take the jewellery off before showering or bathing.

Sweat can also attack the surface of the stainless-steel bracelets. Therefore, do not wear the pieces during sports, in the sauna or in the solarium.

Buy a stainless-steel bracelet from COEUR DE LION online

You can order our products securely, conveniently and get free standard delivery on a purchase over €40 in our online shop. You will receive your stainless-steel bracelet in an elegant designer case that is perfect storage. If you are not satisfied with your order, you can return the purchased goods free of charge. Good to know: all our accessories have a two-year warranty from the date of purchase. In addition, we offer a lifetime repair service.